The key to your success: Product-related production machines

Due to our modular machinery concept we are able to customer-build your unique production machine with the best fit for your products and production scenario, weather it is a single loaded machine or cycle clock production machine.
The vacuum chamber, handling system and laser system is designed to match your special requirements and will be installed as a turn-key machine including validated process parameters.

Solid steel-frame construction with laser safety class 1. Dimension 1435x1700x2200 (LaVaCell M)

All components including Laser (up to 2kW), vacuum pump, cooling system are integrated in the frame.

Cylce machine for mass production. The machine has two positions: the load-unload position and the working position.


Managing Director and Shareholder

Dr. Christian Otten

Dr. Christian Otten

Stephan Klein

Stephan Klein

Prof. Dr. Markus Schleser

Prof. Dr. Markus Schleser

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Laser Beam Welding in Vacuum

A Next Generation Technology is Ready for Production!

LaVa Welding of Medical Devices Benefits: Helium-tight Welding Seams, Welding of Materials with High Oxygen Affinity like Titanium

LaVa Welding for Electromobility Benefits: Free of Pores and Cracks Welding of Copper, Aluminum and Dissimilar Seams

LaVa Welding of Sensors Benefits: Reduced Heat Input, no Spatters and Material Diversity

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