High-quality welding seams for your products

You develop and sell high-quality products in which the added value is not achieved by sheer mass, but by creative development or special one-off production. To achieve this, you need welded joints of the highest quality.

Individual solution or mass product

Increase your efficiency by taking over the production of your parts for you. Whether it is a single sensor made of platinum or several thousand membrane filters, we take over the complete machining process for you from assembly and welding to packaging.

Best Equipped

A modern and well-equipped machine park with various processing plants and a team of experienced welding technicians is at your disposal at our location near Aachen.

Ready when you need us

The punctual delivery of your products with high-quality welds is just as much a matter of course for us as the flexible readiness for production should you encounter bottlenecks.

Our services in detail

Highest quality right from the beginning

As trained welding engineers, it is a matter of course for us to act according to regulations. Our procedure following the process development ensures a high and constant weld seam quality and is defined as follows:

  • Preparation of the preliminary welding application (PWPS) according to DIN EN ISO 15609-4
  • Welding procedure test (WPQR) according to EN ISO 15614-11
  • Evaluation of the welding procedure qualification in the desired evaluation group according to EN IS0 13919-1
  • Production of parts according to WPS
Variety of Materials

The range of materials includes almost all metals. Even with metals or material combinations that are usually considered unsuitable for welding or only suitable to a limited extent, high-quality connections can be produced using laser beam welding in a vacuum.

Especially in the case of alloys susceptible to cracking, such as high-alloy stainless steels or high-strength aluminium alloys, it is possible to completely avoid hot cracks due to the low heat input. Titanium alloys are protected from oxygen by the vacuum. But even with copper alloys and die-cast aluminium, high-quality welds with low porosity are possible with this process.

Material combinations such as austenite-martensite, aluminium-copper or steel-aluminium could also be successfully produced using laser beam welding in a vacuum.

Laserstrahlschweißen im Vakuum
LaVa-Schweißnähte an Titan, Edelstahl und Kupfer
Other Welding Methods

The highest weld seam quality or low energy input for the component is not always required. In addition to laser beam welding in a vacuum, we also offer remote laser beam welding with scanner optics and tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) as a service.

The advantage for you: Often welding assemblies consist of different components, some of which should be better TIG welded. By a qualified hand welder we can offer the entire welding technology from a hand.