Laserstrahlschweißen im Vakuum: Maschinenbau


The right solution for your task

The production cells of LaVa-X are highly efficient, modular systems for laser beam welding in vacuum. They are the ideal tool for joining metals together. With the LaVa technology, even materials with high melting points and high thermal conductivity can be optimally welded. The productivity, but especially the quality, is significantly increased compared to conventional laser welding.

The increase in process efficiency reduces the heat input required and thus the distortion. The reduced ambient pressure stabilizes the molten pool and pores and cracks can be avoided, even with alloys that are difficult to weld.

Modular Design

Laser and vacuum technology as well as component manipulation and the degree of automation are always adapted to the product range in order to achieve maximum economic efficiency.

Laser Technology

When selecting the right laser source and processing optics, we cooperate with all well-known manufacturers.

Platform Strategy

The machine frame is available in three width classes. The vacuum chamber for processing is designed within these dimensions according to the product.

Compressed air NO THANKS!

Our systems do not require a crossjet. If clamping cylinders are necessary, they can be operated with negative pressure.

Ready to Use

Our production cells are delivered turnkey including all parameters.

High Productive

The production cells can be equipped with a rotary indexing table or a robot for loading in all systems.

Product-related Manufacturing Cells

Turnkey production systems for laser beam welding in vacuum. The LaVaCELL is a highly efficient production cell with modular automation technology.

Upgrade of existing Laser Systems

Would you like to use the unique advantages of LaVa technology for your products and already have a laser welding system that you would like to "upgrade"?

The integration of the existing laser source or optics is almost always possible. But also the integration into an existing system is often possible.